Friday, November 12, 2010

Heading to San Francisco

OMG, I can't believe it is Friday again already.  Can't say I am sad about that.  Just amazed at how time is flying lately.

Not much to report in my little neck of the woods.  I have not stepped on the scale for a few days as I have not been eating a "band perfect" diet.  I have been snacking between meals and finding myself struggling with old cumpulsive eating behaviors.  The one good thing is that I can't eat as much as I used to so I think the damage is somewhat controlled.  However, I think this means I really need to start dealing with my "head hunger" issues.  My guess is that between the stress of my new job and the fact that things are not all roses at home, I am turning to my old friend food for comfort.  That is a decidedly bad habit and one I must break.  But, just like when I quit smoking, it is learning how to relearn all the old coping mechanisms.  When I first quit smoking I would find myself not knowing what to do with my hands at a bar.  Or instinctively reaching for that cigarette after a meal.  It felt foreign not to light up.  Quite honestly, I don't know what I did to get over the habit of wanting to reach for a cigarette after I ate, or when I was drinking, or when I was stressed out other than letting time take care of it.  I think over time, the urge just left me.  I am hoping the same will happen when it comes to reaching for a treat when I am stressed out.  The good thing is I don't find myself eating out of boredom anymore so maybe I am half way there.  In any case, I will weigh myself tomorrow and take my lumps if the scale doesn't go the direction I want it to.  I have to say, my first fill has not resulted in much feeling of restriction yet so I am looking forward to the next on Dec. 1st.

I don't think I mentioned this before but I am heading to San Francisco the day after Thanksgiving to do a little recon. shopping with my niece.  She just turned 14 and I promised to re-decorate her bedroom for her birthday present.  I will be painting, building a window seat in her bay window, buying her all new furniture -she currently has a single bed and I am getting her a double - plus a new dresser, desk and end table (gotta love IKEA).  That plus some new window coverings and a tone-on-tone mural on her wall and she should be set til college.  My trip the end of November is to do a little shopping with her, pick out furniture, and get a feel for her style.  Then I plan to go back the last week of December to implement the changes while she and her parents (my brother and her mother) are in India for the holidays.  I think I am looking forward to this trip more than usual because traveling has always been an excuse for me to fall off my diet-of-the-moment and overeat.  Now that I have the band I am really hoping that I have more control over my eating behaviors and I can just enjoy being there without worrying about "ruining everything".  Does that make sense?

Other than that, I have no great plans for the weekend.  I will have to put my bathrooms and bedroom back in order since they are currently being painted.  That should take up most of my free time.  I do need to slip over to my hair dressers tomorrow to get him to cut my bangs.  I just cut my hair pretty short (shoulder length) after wearing it long for most of my life.  He cut a side swept bang which is longer and driving me nuts so I think I am going to get a blunt cut band strait across the forehead. Man I hope I don't regret that.  But I guess it will all grow out if I absolutely hate it.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I will try to blog my weight this weekend - if I am not too mortified.


Rachel said...

You are a sweet aunt. What a wonderful way to bond with your niece! I hope you have a fun and healthy trip.

amandakiska said...

Will you be my aunt? How cool are you!

I think the desire to overeat does go away (like the desire to smoke) eventually when you get good restriction AND when you stop eating when you're not hungry most of the time. You'll get there!

Jane said...

It seems as though quite a few bloggers are struggling right now--perhaps it's the weather or entering into the holiday season soon. I've struggled lately, as well. Today I weighed and faced the music (or scale), and now I'm ready to move forward again. Keep working at it. The support from this weight loss community is there for us. I love the plans you have with your niece. She is a lucky girl, and will always remember the special times you have together. Have a great weekend!