Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To Fill or Not To Fill

That is the question.

I have been struggling since my second fill but shortly before my 3rd fill I thought that everything was worked out.  However, I think I am sliming too much.  I've had my worst 2 episodes since fill number 3 on Jan. 12th.  The first episode happened when I was eating out with a couple of friends (who don't know about the band).  I believe that it was a result of eating too fast and not chewing enough.  I have a very hard time remembering I am a banded person once I get out and start socializing at a restaurant.  I know that it is old habit to eat and talk and not be mindful, so I know that I probably brought that one on myself.  It is the first time however that it has resulted in a honest-to-god throw up though.  That was scary and I was incredibly uncomfortable (not to mention the 30 minutes I spent in the bathroom that I had to try to explain to my dinner companions).

The second episode happened on Saturday.  I had my normal protien shake for breakfast around 8am (I have found that I cannot eat solid food in the morning anymore).  Then I met a my girlfriend for brunch/lunch and shopping around 11:30.  We went to a nearby restaurant and I ordered the huevos rancheros (eggs scrambled).  The dish came out (it included eggs, chorizo and black beans on a tortilla smothered in green chili and melted cheese - I know not great).  I was being very mindful and took really small bites of only the egg with green chili and some cheese.  No tortilla. No chorizo.  Just little bites.  I had about 3 small bites - spaced out - and immediately went to the bathroom where I had a sliming/throw up incident to rival the earlier one.  What the hell?  It seems to have gotten to a point that the only food that doesn't cause me to slime is liquid (protien shakes) and mushy (tuna salad).  If it is solid, I almost always slime just a little (if not more).

BUT, I do not have heartburn or GERD and I can drink with no problem (even more than sipping).  So....do I get a teeny unfill?  Or, do I wait it out til my next appt. in April?  I really hate to spend so much time in the bathroom, especially when I am out socializing with friends.  But my level of restriction does not seem to fall in the same catagory as Gen's or some others who have recently had trouble.

What I am concerned about is that even with the difficulty eating solid food, I am not losing weight.  I have stalled out again and not lost any more in the last 2 weeks.  Is it possible that because I cannot eat solids easily that I am stuck because I have been satiating my hunger with sliders?  Would I be better off with a little unfill so I can eat more solids?  Or, am I just a huge woosie?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I am still really trying to learn how to use my band and I am frustrated as hell at this point.

In other news, it was a balmy -14 degrees here in Denver as I drove to work this morning.  Have I ever told you all how much I hate Colorado sometimes?
Be Well


Bunny said...

Well until I read "I am stuck because I have been satiating my hunger with sliders" I would have said, NO perserver with it and just make sure you chew 30 to 40 times ona teaspoon of food at a time, but when I read the above, my answer became YES.

I am a culprit of this - a massive one!

You have 2 choices. eat liquid brekkie and lunch and chew your food to absolute death on a teaspoon and wait 20 - 30 seconds between each bite every time you eat, or end up feeling shite and eating sliders that you can manage


get a tiny teeny weeny 0.2 or even 0.1 unfill to ease it off so you dont have to resort to the sliders and dont upset your stomach lining and compound the problem with swollen stoma lining.

I have been both sides of this. Too much in my band and too much taken out. This time I am being wise and asking myself "can i realistically live daily with this fill?" On saturday the answer was no and i got 0.2 out after a fill and I feel great now.

Hope it helps.


x buuny x

Heather said...

I would try and follow the bandster eating rules religiously for at least a week before I decided!

Sarah G said...

I say go get the un-fill. I started out just like what you're experiencing after my last fill (had an un-fill days later but obviously not enough) and things just kept getting worse. Stress also played a huge role but it got so bad I was vomitting saliva.

Nothing good can come from being too tight.

amandakiska said...

If you cannot eat solids without sliming, you need an un-fill.

diane said...

I would try to calm the whole system down by going back to liquids, then mushies, etc as a reboot for your band.Everything may just have gotten irritated by the first incident in the restaurant. That's what I have had to do once in a while because I am very tight but don't want an unfill. Diane

Gen said...

Okay, this is a tough one...because you probably are swollen from the sliming incidents, and that swelling will go down. So try the liquids for one day, mushies one day, then try solids again. If you still can't eat solids without sliming, get a TEENY unfill. Dawn will make it right!

Amazingly, I have not had a sliming incident since my unfill/fill, even though I feel like my restriction is perfect - sometimes on the tight side. I do find I have trouble with solids in the mornings, after exercise, and sometimes even around lunch time. So I end up doing protein shakes and soup. But by the time late afternoon rolls around, if not earlier, I can eat solids. I just need to be careful. Tonight we had a pasta chicken dish and I had a few bites without sliming, but it was not easy to eat.

Sorry you are dealing with this. I say make the appointment for next week maybe, try going back to liquids then ease into solids.

Good luck & let us know how you are doing!

P.S. I don't even mind this cold, it is no where near as bad as East Coast or Midwest Cold! ;)

FitBy40 said...

I'm experiencing the same EXACT thing right now. I had a small piece of salmon last night, and took my sweet time eating it. I was sick and sliming the whole rest of the evening. Just awful. I've been feeling a bit too tight this past week and not sure why but have been putting off an un-fill because before this last fill I was def able to eat way too much! I'm on liquids today to try to calm things down and will prob do mushies tomorrow. Grrr, such a pain to try to figure all this out!
Good luck. Keep us posted.