Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 2 - Recovery is SLOW

Well,  I think I felt better yesterday than today.  Perhaps all the good drugs hadn't worn off yet yesterday.  I can feel some slight shoulder pain coming on today and my stomach hurts.  I have been taking my Vicodin religiously today since I am not fan of pain. I was able to take a shower today and that made me feel a bit better for a little while.  I am also bloated and, forgive me it this is TMI, but I am very gaseous and it does not seem to be able to escape.  What the heck is that about?  I just sent hubby to the store for some GasX.

I spent a good part of today reading  Gen's S.O.B. Stories today which gave me a lot of hope.  I swear, you have no idea how meaningful all the blogs are to me as I get started on this journey.  I really only have to look at what you all have to say to know I have made the one of the best, most life-altering decision I could make for myself right now. So, pain be damned.  I'm sure this too shall pass.

On a slightly sad note, my Malti-poo Lily is refusing to sleep with me right now.  I think she must sense when I am in pain and she stays away from me.  She did the same thing this summer when I had a pneumothorax and subsequent pneumonia from a bicycle accident.  I thought she was supposed to comfort me - the little stinker.
Luckily, one of our 2 Golden Retrievers is still giving me some attention so I don't feel totally abandoned.

Food yesterday:
Breakfast - 6 oz. Greek yogurt = 14g protien
Lunch - 1 C. lowfat cottage cheese = 26g protien
Dinner - Muscle Milk Light = 20g protien
plus 2 chewable multi-vitamins, 1000 mg chewable calcium with D, and 64oz water and Crystal Light

Oooo, I feel so virtuous.


Nicole said...

The first few days are rough for me the worst was day 3 or 4 but by day 5-6 you should be starting to feel better. And take liquid tylenol if you don't want vicodin, that helps and gas x strips help a lot too! It is so worth it in the end.

Kiki said...

Feel better! I'm only a week post-op and the recovery is slower than I thought it would be. I thought I was going to feel better instantaneously given I had 0 gas pain and minimal surgical pain. Perhaps I'm pushing myself (worked a full day yesterday, at home... but 9 hours!). I keep reminding myself that this phase will end eventually and I can move on to the next.

Congrats on getting banded!!

Colls said...

The first week or so can be rough, but it is so worth it! Sorry to hear about your dog not sleeping with you. I am sure she knows something is up, they are very smart! <3

Christine said...

That picture of your doggie is SO CUTE!! :-) I'm glad you're feeling pretty good overall!

Lynda said...

I think the dogs can sense that something's "wrong." My dog, who is usually a master snuggler, absolutely refused to get in my lap for the 1st week after I had surgery.