Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 3 of Recovery

I should have knocked on that wood a little harder when I mentioned that I didn't get the dreaded gas pain.  My left shoulder is so sore, I wish I could go get a massage!  I've been sitting here with a hot pack on it most of the day.

In happier news (again, TMI) I finally had a small bowel movement and some gas escape today which has taken some pressure off my innards.  I am feeling hungry but eating very cautiously.  I am terrified of throwing up at this phase of recovery.  Yesterday I had:
Breakfast: Chobani Greek Yogurt - 14 g. protein
Lunch: Muscle Milk Light protein drink - 20 g. protein
Dinner: Cream of Tomato Soup made with skim milk - 7 g. protein
plus my multi, calcium and pain killers - oh, yeah and water, water water

Today I've had:
Breakfast:  Chobani
Lunch: 1/2 C, cottage cheese (13 g protein) and left over tomato soup (7 g protein)

I see a pattern developing here.  Not a lot of variety because I am not enamored of the idea of eating "pureed meat".  And I have another week and a half of this.  Soft foods will feel like a luxury when I finally get there.

So, here is my question.  I am being really good.  Staying on my doctors orders and working hard to eat enough protein every day.  My birthday is on Saturday.  I am thinking of splurging and getting some frozen yogurt.  It is definitely smooth but it is also most definitely not on the list of approved foods.  Should I be bad and splurge?  Thoughts?


Gen said...

OF COURSE you should splurge! Frozen yogurt is not too bad at all. Go for it!

Sorry you got the dreaded gas pains. Hope you feel better soon.

On the bright side, you are totally going to lose a bunch eating this way. I lost 19 lbs my first month!

Feel better.

Christine said...

I vote yes on the frozen yogurt. NOT because it's okay to "splurge" but because I believe it would be just fine on the diet due to its consistency. If you're unsure, call your surgeon's office to verify. Do they have any sugar-free versions of the frozen yogurt that you can have? That would be even better.

Sorry about the gas pain. It'll abate soon, promise! But as for the farting-gas...OMG I think I was gassy in that capacity for like three months after surgery. That went away, eventually, too, but took much longer. The gas pain in my shoulders/back went away in like three days or something.

Gen said...

Libby, I have my fill appt. same day you have your appt.! Mine is 2:30, when is yours?

Read said...

I definitely think you should have the frozen yogurt, have something wonderful for your birthday. It sounds like you are doing fantastically, keep it up!! I had the dreaded shoulder pain for more than three weeks and it was by far the worst part for me, but it too eventually went away. One day at a time and after about the... hmmm maybe 3rd or 4th day I really could feel a bit of improvement every single day.

Maybe This Time said...

go for it! i'm day 3 of recovery-and my collar bones hurt?!?!? i can feel the gas pressure pushing on them...weird and annoying! stay well! glad we can moan and complain together!