Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not Loving the Liquid Diet

As I mentioned in my last post, my lapband surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning.  In preparation, my surgeon has me on a 3 day clear liquid diet - water, Crystal Light, sugar-free popsicles, sugar-free jello, chicken, beef or vegetable broth.  Yep, that's it. That's all she wrote.  I can't believe I made it to day 3 without diving head first into the pop chips in my pantry.  Right now I'd give someone a hundred bucks if I could eat a slice of pizza and get away with it.  Food addict much?  It is times like these when I realize how truly and utterly food obsessed I am.  I mean really, this is only for 3 days!  I should be able to do this no problem but I feel like I am hanging on by a fingernail.

But I'm excited.  Excited and nervous.  Can't wait to meet my band and get started.  I am just so grateful that there are some many great blogs out there by folks who have been through this.  It really gives me courage and perspective.


blither blather said...

cant wait to follow your journey! I'm right behind you... and I HATE LIQUID DIETS!!! (maybe this time blogger) good luck...and keep us posted!

Christine said...

OMG you're getting banded RIGHT NOW! That's so freaking exciting!! GOOD LUCK!!!! I'm thinking of you!!!

Libby - Denver, CO said...

Blither Blather,

Thanks for the comment. Since I am just starting this little blog it is nice to know someone is actually reading! When you say you are right behind me does that mean you are getting banded too? If so, good luck! I'd love to follow your adventure too.